“I loved dressing up as a caveman and having to communicate without speaking.” Tom, Year 2

“Ellen absolutely loves these sessions in class, the games as well as the discussion. There’s a lot of change going on in the lives of the Y6 kids and this enables them to articulate their own experiences as well as understand what’s going on with their friends. I also enjoy reading the parent information that covers various sessions, as it means I can sit and talk certain issues over with her, using language we both understand.” Sarah Hughes. Parent, Year 6

“My class thoroughly enjoyed the BEST workshops. Vicky and Julia explained the workings of the brain in language that my Year 1 children could understand. They gave the class strategies to work on during the week such as ‘sitting like a frog’ for calming down. The class loved the games that we played which really encouraged good team work within the class. I’ll definitely use them again with my next class!” Year 1, Teacher