Finding the Hero Inside Ourselves


Introducing the Seven Step Self-Esteem System

This term we are introducing the Seven Step System to Self-Esteem & Confidence. Self-esteem isn’t something you can get in an instant like the answer to a maths question or a joke. Our system involves seven weeks and each week covers one of seven ways to boost your self-esteem. Each week has a list of fun tasks to choose from. There are enough tasks for you to choose one for each day of the week, which are very quick and simple, and which will build your self-esteem the way that ants build massive anthills, one titchy grain at a time.

Week 1. Our 3 Brains!

Your brain is the most powerful and complex supercomputer ever built. It’s the one thing that makes you, you! Your brain is mission control for the rest of your body. It sits in the driver’s seat and steers you through life. Welcome to the 3 main parts of your brain – Creating the thoughts, feelings and actions that shape our future selves.

Week 2. What is Real Self-Esteem?

Real self-esteem isn’t about having a high opinion of yourself, but having a realistic one. It doesn’t matter what you look like, or how clever you are, or how popular – everyone can have real self-esteem. This week we compare ‘Real Self-Esteem’ with the ‘Three Faces of False Self-Esteem.’ And introduce the Seven Step System.

Week 3. How do Memories influence our Self-Esteem?

Your brain is unique. The way that your neurons are connected in your brain is different from everyone else’s. These connections are part of what makes you, you. Imagine that you own a huge garden. It will grow by itself but you can shape and change parts of it. This is like your brain. Developing a skill is like growing a plant in your brain. Looking after each skill makes it healthier and stronger and helps to grow your confidence. This week we look at how we can improve our skills just by thinking about them.

Week 4. It’s your story – Be the hero.

In books and films, you will often find, a hero, a villain and a victim – the person that needs saving. Our life is like one of these stories, with characters, scenes and events, and it’s up to you what kind of a role you play in it. When things go wrong, you might play the victim, feeling somewhat helpless and hard done by, or you can take control of the situation and work out what you’re going to do about it, like a hero. This week we look at who we think we are and who we would like to be.

Week 5. Get Goals…and Get Going

Everyone needs goals to give you a little direction in life, something to work toward, even though you might not always achieve them. It’s a bit like in football – you’re always going for the goal and it’s great when one goes in, but you can enjoy the game even if you don’t score at all. Trying to live without goals would be like trying to play football without goals. How pointless and confusing would that feel? Yet, if you are feeling low in self-esteem, you may do exactly that – just in case you fail. This week we overcome the fear of failing and give ourselves some stupendous goals to work towards!

Half term

Week 6. Recognising Your Weaknesses

Nobody’s perfect. Even heroes have their faults and weaknesses along with their super-powers because they’re human beings. Recognising your weakness is a kind of strength, because through recognising them they can become a way of learning.

Week 7. Build Up Your Strengths

True self-confidence doesn’t come from pretending – it comes from realistic understanding of our own abilities. But, just like recognising our weaknesses, recognising our strengths can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re a bit low on self-confidence. We look at how to build our strengths up.

Week 8. Take your Place in This World.

Everyone depends on each other. Self-esteem isn’t just about having a good opinion of yourself as an individual, but also as a member of your community, your world. This week we learn about the three R’s – Rules, Rights and Responsibilities whilst understanding Values and the importance of standing up for our beliefs.

Week 9. Say Yes to Life!

We’ve looked at heroes. We’ve talked about our community and the world we live in but now we come to Life itself! Life is a little like a car journey that you’re on with your family – you don’t quite know what’s around the next corner and sometimes that can be pretty scary, but it can also feel pretty exciting, like driving with the roof down and the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair.

Week 10. Celebrate being you! Party Time!

Wanting to be more like others in certain areas of our lives is very normal, but it’s not always good for our self-esteem. If we were more like others, we wouldn’t be us!

Everyone is different. This week we look at five ways we’re all different from each other and five reasons why that’s fantastic!