BEST at Ark Priory – Acton

BEST has been working with children from Ark Priory since September 2016.

BEST Clubs and Workshops provide the children with strategies to manage their emotions, and reinforce resilience whilst they develop a strong sense of self-esteem to grow into confident young adults.

After School Clubs

Clubs for Y1 – Y3 are held on a Tuesday from 4pm – 5.30pm.

Clubs for Y4 – Y5 are held on a Wednesday from 4pm – 5.30pm.

For the Autumn term 2019 we will be focusing on:

“Firing, Wiring & Rewiring – Creating Pathways To Your Brilliant Brain.”

For further information for a week by week breakdown, please click here.

Before School Clubs

Wednesday 7.45am – 8.30am
Fine and Gross Motor Skills Y1 – Y5
Training in hand and eye co-ordination, spatial-awareness and bi-lateral movement, in order to improve throwing and catching skills.

Thursday 7.45am – 8.30am
Netball Coaching   Y3 – Y5
Focusing on basic skills in throwing, catching, shooting and match play. Working together to promote good teamwork and resilience.

Booking Clubs at Ark Priory

To book a club at Ark Priory, please click on one of the clubs below.