Easter Holiday Program April 7th and 8th



£55.00 – One Day

£100.00 – Two Days

‘Exploding your confidence into a growth mindset’

Dates: Tuesday 7th April and Wednesday 8th April

Day: Tuesday and Wednesday

Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm (Snacks provided, please bring a packed lunch – no nuts)

20 places

Venue: Stepping Stones Nursery, Gayford Road, Shepherds Bush, W12 9BY

Year group: Y1 – Y6

Day 1

“CONFIDENCE – To be secure in yourself and your abilities.”

Mix Positivity with Strengths. Add Self-Esteem and shake.

Discard Embarrassment and Nerves and pour over Anxiety.

Stand back as Confidence explodes – BOOM!!

Now go and dance the Fandango!

Day 2

“GROWTH MINDSET – The ability to change our thoughts, our behaviour and our beliefs to enable success and positive thinking.”

“Open up Emotions and pour over Thoughts. Shake!

Stir in Friendships, School, Family and add a sprinkling of Empathy

Reduce Fixed Mindset with a tablespoon of Mindfulness

Sit down and breathe in Calm Positivity”

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