BEST Club Online


£48.00 per household

Day: Tuesday

Dates: September 15th, 22nd, 29th

October 6th, 13th and 20th

Time: Tuesdays at 4.30pm – 5.15pm

On booking a place you will receive an email with confirmation of the place followed up by the zoom link.

Time:  4.30pm – 5.15pm

Year groups: Year 1 – Year 6

Your Child Will Benefit From:

Week One:  Life is a Journey: Overcoming Obstacles through Positive Thinking.

  • Understanding how life a journey and the choices we make, how we react to things and deal with our worries.

Week Two: Taking Responsibility for Our Behaviour and Action

  • An interactive and creative session in understanding how their unique brain works learning how pour thoughts create feelings that create actions. 

Week Three:  Managing Our Emotions

  • Recognising emotions and learning to manage the resulting feelings. 

Week Four: Growth Mindset – Creating a Growth Mindset – The Power of Yet!

  • Creating ‘positive thinking’ strategies to overcome the emotions that challenge them. 

Week Five: Resilience – The Power to Bounce Back When Life Gets Tough

  • Developing skills and strategies to stand up for their own beliefs and actions to bounce back.

Week Six: Finding Your Inner Hero ‘Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Creating Assertive goals to overcome the challenges stopping them from succeeding their goals and dreams.