The Back To School Rule Of Three. How to Manage the Emotions and Communication With Your Child.

Children are back to school, and for many these changes will create anxiety. Here are 3 things to think about with your child to support their emotional health and wellbeing.

Transition Online Zoom Programme

How does Your child feel about secondary school-2

6 Super Emotional Spoons – Family Activity

Sometimes our children find it difficult to express how they are feeling in words.  Create your own emotional spoons, to enable a child to choose and show how they feel in actions.

Awesome Jars – Family Strategy

Build up your child's self esteem. Decorate a jar and fill it with words and phrases that will fill your child with confidence and remind them how awesome they are.

Stress Hands – Strategy for Strong Emotions

When we feel anxious or angry we need time to allow our breathing to slow and our 3 brains to work together. Stress hands create a comforting weight and consistency to squeeze whilst calming down.

Jigsaws – Family Game

 Use up those empty cereal boxes and recycle into fun jigsaws for all the family. Challenge each other in speed and difficulty and see how your neutrons "Fire and Wire" every time you do them.

BEST Boot Camp – Family Workout Week Two

BEST Boot Camp – Family Workout Week One

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What’s In the Suitcase – Family Challenge

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What’s in the Box – Family Discussion