Emotional Glitter Jars – Strategy

To give our feelings time to settle.

Do you ever feel confused about your feelings? Do you sometimes feel like lots of feelings are fighting for your attention all at once? Sometimes feelings just need some extra time to be seen. When they are seen they can begin to settle on their own.

Just like snowflakes in a snow globe, feelings get shaken up by situations and people. Trying to push our feelings away or stop them is like continuing to shake the snow globe. Nothing settles.

We need to give our Emotional and Reptile brain time to calm, to be able to bring back in our Thinking Brain.

Our Glitter Jars help give us time to let our feelings settle.

Resources: Jar. Clear glue (if you have some, but don’t worry if not) Glitter or sprinkles.

  1. Fill half the jar with warm water.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of glue to the water.
  3. Sprinkle the glitter into the water. (Think of a time you felt sad, angry or scared.)
  4. Add room-temperature water to the jar and fill, leaving a little at the top.
  5. Seal and shake the jar.
  6. As the glitter slowly floats to the bottom, feel like you are floating with the glitter, calmly and slowly.
  7. Take a deep breath and allow your feelings to be just as they are. 

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