“Understanding Your Child’s Behaviour Through The Development Of Their Brain” By Julia Johnston The Way We Think. The Way We feel. The Way We act. The brain is the most powerful and complex supercomputer ever built. Imagine your body is the car – your brain is the engine. A car won’t work without an engine,… Read more »

Your Child and Separation Anxiety

As we transition from enclosed family lockdown life, back into school routines and separation from each other, anxiety can be running high with the ever worrying Monkey Mind and the constant “What If’s” Here we explore children and Separation Anxiety.

The Power of Yet

We are our children’s role models and our children are like sponges absorbing our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. Over the coming weeks we will be focusing on our adult mindsets using ‘The Power of Yet!’

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Anxious Child

As parents our main aim is to protect our children and keep them safe.Therefore, it can be painfully difficult to watch your child struggle with anxiety. Here are 10 phrases to avoid when your child verbalizes anxious thoughts feelings, or behaviours.

Back to School After Lockdown – What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Child in four Easy Steps

For parents wading through the do’s and don’t’s of the new school term, here are 4 steps to get you up to speed on your child going to school post-lockdown.

The Back To School Rule Of Three. How to Manage the Emotions and Communication With Your Child.

Children are back to school, and for many these changes will create anxiety. Here are 3 things to think about with your child to support their emotional health and wellbeing.

The Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise just keep going on and on. Read here about our top 8 benefits that can be achieved by doing regular exercise or physical activity. Feel good, look great!